Betta Bowl Buddha Sitting
Betta Bowl Buddha Sitting
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For thousands of years, Chinese and Japanese cultures have viewed the image of the Laughing Buddha as a harbinger of love, protection, harmony, and contentment. This philosophy has spread throughout the world and now many homes, businesses and temples have a figurine of the Laughing Buddha near their entrance to symbolize ultimate happiness, laughter and good luck. The Laughing Buddha is more commonly known as Hotei, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. He is the God of Happiness and Good Fortune as well as a patron of children, fortunetellers, bartenders and politicians. Hotei stands out from the other six Lucky Gods because he is the only one known to have been a real person, rather than a mythical deity. He is distinguished by his body of generous proportions and huge pot-belly stomach which often protrudes beneath his loose fitting robes. His big round belly is a symbol of happiness, good luck and generosity. Hotei is always represented with a familiar looking wide grin or laughing expression, from which he gets the name "Laughing Buddha". Simply place the 2" high non-toxic poly-resin Buddha in your betta bowl or aquarium to bring endless happiness, good tidings and perfect harmony into your home. Keep a Betta Bowl Buddha on your desk to signify the prosperity of your business or to take your stress and worries away. He can also be placed in the southeast living room of your home to bring wealth and prosperity to all who live under that roof. Place the Buddha near your bed or where you will see it first thing in the morning to start your day with serenity and joy.

Dimension: 1" x 1" X 2" (L x W x H)